Somehow, I missed he whole “Break glass in case of emergency” sign in front of Gronk all season. 🤷‍♂️🏈

Unexpectedly hectic November and December kept me from making this in 2018, but hitting this one feels good nonetheless!

Maybe I’ll get used to it, but the primary camera for the #WinterClassic is far enough away that the players seem smaller. Feels weird watching it. 🏒

Yup. The premature whistle in the Browns-Ravens game is basically the reason Pittsburgh’s (essentially) out of the playoffs. That stings. 🏈

Anybody think there’s currently some gnashing of teeth in the NFL office over that premature whistle back in the first half of the Browns-Ravens game? 🏈

It’s not that I needed more glassware (trust me, I don’t). But, I challenge YOU to walk away from this. @3starsbrewing

Seems like is down right now (at least, for me).

…which is kind of ironic, since I originally switched to it when Verizon’s DNS went down…

Argument in favor of splurging on a second 4-5K display instead of skimping on the non-retina version - just spent a disturbing amount of time grokking an reconstructing a 23-attribute SQL insert statement only to discover my confusion was because I misread “0,0” as “0.0”.

Following up on last week’s Duet comment - working from the road today and iPad-as-display is working much better than I recall it from a few weeks back.