Patriots heading back to the Super Bowl!

Never dreamt it would be that tough a game. Great comeback and a ton of respect for Jacksonville. 🏈

Happened to catch a the end of he Vikings-Saints 🏈 replay. Forgot how bonkers it was.

“This must be the last drive.” “Oh, nope. There are still 2 more.”

“…the [finance-related] website will implement multi-factor authentication…”

Me: “Yay!”

“…a single-use passcode is sent to you via text or voice call.”


I get half-assed, SMS-based MFA on legacy systems. I don’t get it on new deployments.

I need to remind myself that it’s time of year where reading about a crazy, pre-production product means “CES” and not “Kickstarter”.

I think many class action lawsuits are crap, but I’m not too proud to take the $5-10 dollars.

That said, I’ll opt out of any iPhone slowdown actions. It was a poorly communicated technical tradeoff, not the grand conspiracy these BS artists are claiming.

I don’t dislike typing on the MacBook Pro’s keyboard. However, when it takes the Genius three guess to figure out which keyboard-related top case replacement you’re picking up, it might be a sign of a flawed design.

Ok, so the treadmill at my folks’ place wasn’t accessible, but bringing home my gym shoes wasn’t a total waste. Thanks, @theprofdrinks!