Beer bar thought:

Believed the bartender was pouring a really hazy, juicy IPA.

Realized it was actually the OJ for a screwdriver 🤣

It’s behind a subscription wall, but this quote needed to be shared 😂

“I went to London School of Economics and I studied economics first,” Joey says. “I was going to be a banker. That’s what I thought I’d be. But I discovered that most of the people that wanted to go into that world are what we would describe as wankers.”

The Baseball Brit: One man’s quest to quit his job, spend his life savings and spread baseball in the United Kingdom – The Athletic

Think ”Shit. What is that noise my computer’s making.”

Realize it’s the carbonization in your can of soda.

How long till the weekend, again?

Unknown Hero.

Oh – when I extend my middle finger while driving by the Naval Observatory, it’s solely aimed at the VP’s residence. Not anybody serving there nor my fellow drivers.

(Fine. Usually not my fellow drivers.)…

I think it’s great that Mike Rockwell’s driving the AR/VR work at Apple.

However, it still amuses me that he was informally extolling either the Gateway or Dell (I don’t recall exactly which) MP3 player to some folks at Avid when Apple was our Best Frenemy. 🤣

Made good enough time on the drive from MA that I seriously considered stopping at Camden and catching the Sox game. ⚾️

Celtics just didn’t have enough to finish the run. Incredible that this team made it this far. Hope we get to see everybody healthy next year. 🏀

aaaaaaand, one of these days, I’ll remember that the Markdown processor on doesn’t like the “pipe” character in link text…