Things I did not expect to say before 2018: spent part of Saturday getting free stuff from the politically woke spice shop.

No disrespect to John Farrell, but it’s been a pleasure to see Alex Cora manage in the playoffs.

The willingness to put the boot on the opponents throat reminds me of the Playoff Tito days. ⚾️

World Seies bound! #RedSox

Hell of a game by David Price!

Kimbrel looked much better.

Bring on the NL and #DoDamage ⚾️

There are times I miss working in Massachusetts.

I mean, I can’t imagine any employer is expecting any kind of productivity today.

That Gronkowski play was the rare opportunity to look at a play in real-time and realize “this isn’t going to go well for you”. 🏈

Not sure if I should be more surprised when I find an app that hasn’t been updated for the iPhone X screen or when I find one of those aforementioned apps actually gets updated for the iPhone X screen…

I was driving, so this’ll totally read like hindsight, but I loved bringing out Sale for the 8th.

That was the perfect time to put the boot on the throat. ⚾️

Went to check my voter registration and got concerned when the date of birth calendar didn’t update when I changed the year.

Nope, just turns out that 2018 and 1979 are the same 😂

Hell, yeah! Game one in the books! Sale looked like himself and Kimbrel ended it with a whiff of Voit!

…though, I wouldn’t have minded if it ended on a fly ball to the track that Voit tried to pimp. ⚾️