Email from JetBlue advising about road construction delays at DCA and recommending use of Metro.

News release from Metro advising of major delays on DCA lines due to capital improvement projects.

Maybe I should just walk to Boston 🤷‍♂️

I’m assuming that the cops stationed outside my Metro station are due to today’s Dipshit R Us convention.

Not sure if it’s AirPlay 2, the tvOS 12 beta, or just random electrons, but previously unreliable sources are sending video to my Apple TV much more reliably as of late.

Had a few apps where I’d previously default to using the Fire TV Stick.

I’ve seen a few places with beer lists that indicate what’s currently available and what’s coming soon.

The problem is when the coming soons are far more interesting than the currently available.


Me: “Since today’s the Trading Deadline, I’m just not feeling that sense of existential dread as to what horror that push notification might contain!”

WaPo: “Lord, what fools these mortals be!”

Reliable Sources

Giuliani… never intended to suggest Trump colluded with Russia, but only that if he had done so, it still would not be a crime.

There’s too much to quote, but I’m starting to think Rudy’s not very good at his job.


Seems like I constantly get ths same 10 or so ads on Instagram… except when I want to follow up on an interesting one I saw a few days ago 🙄

Unintentionally stumbled across the MLB Assembly event while wandering around The Wharf. Seems fun, but I’m wiped at this point.

Beer bar thought:

Believed the bartender was pouring a really hazy, juicy IPA.

Realized it was actually the OJ for a screwdriver 🤣