Yeah, why am I not surprised that that an internal link on the State Department web site results in a 404 error…

At the Nats game:

“Are they setting up for a band?” Announcer: “our Faith Day event will be starting shortly”

…aaaaand we leave skid marks heading for the gate.

I think I showed great restraint in collecting artist info instead of more artwork during Clarendon Day. That said, I may be raiding the Joe Shymanski shop once I work through my backlog…

Barely an hour into using the XS and it’s totally clear I’m going to be staring at my iPad while thinking “why won’t you unlock, dammit!”

I think I’ve been through one too many WWDC lotteries.

Got an email about my passport application that started “Thank you for submitting your application…” and totally assumed the sentence would end with me not getting a passport.

Hey, just caught that the Yankees lost! Red Sox take 1 in next week’s series and they clinch the AL East! ⚾️

Before going out for a walk:

“70 degrees? Sounds lovely!”

After going on walk:

“Oh, right. 91% humidity.”

Heh. Yahoo Fantasy Football alerts are running about one play ahead of Sunday Ticket streaming. Go Pats! 🏈

“Dammit, I clicked play, why isn’t music starting?!?”

Realize I clicked the “start timer” button in my time tracker


For a short week, it’s been a long week.