Breaking out Xcode

Listened to the latest episode of The Talk Show on today’s flight since I was interested in Panzarino’s comments on his Mac Pro and Workflow Team profile.

The Mac Pro was the obvious headline, but the idea of using iPads as specialized Logic Pro controls piqued my interest. I wonder if something like this would make sense in the next version of Xcode. A few ideas, just off the top of my head:

  • Touch-optimized inspectors
  • Context-aware documentation (it sounds like Logic offers this)
  • On-device Interface Builder previews

Duet Display’s nice when I’m way from my desk (minus the whole 10.13.4 thing…), but it’s “just” extra screen space. You’re still dealing with the fact that Xcode’s interface is primarily constrained within a single window. I don’t have any actual numbers, but I strongly suspect a large percentage of heavy Xcode users also have (multiple) iPads. It’d be great if Apple let us incorporate them into our development process beyond just being deployment devices.